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Kyle Willard
2009 Seal Beach, California

You know I think that the human element tends to be missing from hiring at times, and I think a real introduction and background could be a good thing! Something to point to besides lines of code. I have done some profiles for a couple of my friends whom I have worked with, or learned with, and I wanted to take a minute to talk about me.

First and foremost I love the image above. I spent tons of time on that pier and beach during my two years in Las Angeles, and miss that beach pretty intensely. It was…

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Over the past few months I have talked about frustrations in being a Lambda School student, about what to do differently. The reality is that while it is frustrating that the organization that in part holds my ability to be successful is seemingly ignoring the responsibilities that they signed up for when they built a school there is another side.

You see in fairness me stepping into the suck and learning materials is on me. To that end I have already surpassed Lambda School for the most part (Computer Science, or CS not withstanding). I have learned TypeScript, and have…

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I have been meaning to write an update on Lambda School. First, I want to be clear. While I am highly critical of Lambda School, I am also more critical of the university system, and I am critical of employers demanding a college degree that supersedes knowledge, and practical application. Or my favorite, demanding 2+ years of education for a Jr. level position.

Here is my Lambda School update. I am super frustrated. I have confronted Lambda School on numerous occasions regarding various things as they came up in an effort to start a dialog, and begin fixing things. I…

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Let’s be real. We have all been there. That moment when you meet your new team for the first time. I have had people describe that moment as almost animalistic. The want to assert dominance, or to just fly below the radar. Whoever you are, you have likely had this moment. It can be completely nerve wracking.

Today we are going to explore this moment, and how to deal with it. What to do, and what not to do depending upon the role that you are assigned.

First, it is important to take the time to understand that your manager…

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Let us talk about something that is important that people tend to either miss or disregard while they are learning a new skillset in either a bootcamp, or in a college setting. Networking.

For myself, coming from a sales background I have learned how critical it is to build relationships rapidly to ensure success. This is honestly true in all aspects of life. When it comes to learning how to be a software engineer your existence really does come from networking and building a support system, and a group of like minded people.

So why is this important enough to…

As most software engineers know breaking into the industry, and finding work is rough. What most hiring managers are going to look at are our portfolios. The HR type folks are going to look to see if your skills reflect the needs of the company, the engineers that view it want to see your projects, and code.

With that said it has to be a happy balance to ensure that you are meeting a balance between clean solid code, and ensuring that you are hitting all the aesthetics to entice the no programmers into feeling comfortable.

I am very much…

Throughout my journey deeper into web development and into software engineering I have tried to find the most positive, and driven people to associate with. Sarah falls 100% into that category. She is extremely driven, and has a creative eye for both software engineering, but also for UI/UX. She has worked harder than most people to get to where she is, and continues to learn, grow and evolve in order to be the best developer that she can be.

Her focus tends to be on the front end of the stack, as well as mobile design, but has the back…

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What is success? First, lets identify our context. Is it in life? Is it in business? Is it as a group, a company, an industry? For me I have celebrated success in all of these. I have been blessed to work, and know, and be around highly successful people from an early age, and still am today. Part of that is to ensure that I choose to associate with people that have either current success, or the potential to be successful, and are on a viable path to success.

In my own life I have tasted both success, and devastating…

It has been a few since I sat down and hammered out a blog post, largely due to breaks, and to be quite honest needing to take a minute and refocus into getting into a groove on a personal level. That said learning, and exploring is certainly a big piece of that. Getting a cleaner understanding of different aspects of things while also delving into new topics can make things more complicated.

Now that that excuse has officially been fired off lets take a look at the real topic of todays post. GraphQL. As I personally learn more about the…

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Honestly, there are a ton of reasons for it. The biggest of which is flexibility. In truth this is only the beginning. I plan on adding additional backend languages & frameworks throughout the next year to have even more flexibility.

If we ignore HTML & CSS then we can move into the stack a bit quicker.

Front End:

React.js & Next.js

Those familiar with React, are likely familiar, or have at least heard about Next. It is an awesome addition to the react ecosystem and provides a ton of great options right out of the box such as routing, server…

Kyle Willard

Full Stack Web Development Student — Lambda School

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