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Kyle Willard
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Over my time in various industries, there have always been extremely important topics regarding what people need to do various jobs. For jobs that require hand tools, a majority of what you would ever need is basically above in the picture.

For Software Engineers it is a bit different and that is what we are going to take a look at today. You need to make sure that you are in a position to quickly, and efficiently build out applications and software.

The reality is pretty simple. You do not need a whole lot to get things functional. You need…

I want to take a moment out tonight as I have music blaring to just kind of reflect on the last year.

First a warning this is from my phone so it won’t be quite as polished as I normally produce, basically deal with it. Sometimes it’s better to just be real.

Last year was a traumatic year for me. I won’t get into details but long story short things hit a wall. COVID was flying around, plus other life events really forced me to shift my mindset.

The end of may 2020 I found myself at home with far…

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A ton of people will chuckle at the topic of this week's medium article. If it is not clear I am a video game kid, with thousands of hours in various games. Battlefield 2 I was in a pretty large clan (200+ members). In the Burning Crusades era in WOW, I was in a substantial guild (200+) people and was a tier 1 raider for that guild. In COD and other games when there is a competitive mode that is where you will find me. Now, this is not bragging, I am not a video game superstar by any means…

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What a crazy few weeks this has been for me! It has been an adventure for sure! For those who are not aware I started a podcast, and have been pushing moderately hard on that to try and build the initial audience base, and make sure that I am getting viable content out. So far the podcast JavaScript LifeStyles has 5 episodes, and is so far doing pretty well! Kind of stoked about that! Stay tuned for subscription information, and where to support it!

But while I will be talking about personal experience, some of the good, the bad, and…

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First I want to start off by apologizing for taking a bit to get something written, and published on Medium! It has been an adventure this summer thus far! I have been building out the new podcast, JavaScript LifeStyle, and getting things going on the learning front for myself, as well as attempting to balance family obligations, and ensuring that I keep going on housework! You know the fun stuff with life!

So let's talk about learning. That seems to be a ton of what I do week after week. But I think that it is important, and I really…

For those that know me, they know that I have been a call of duty fan since the early days, specifically an Optic Gaming Fan. All about that green wall!

Recently, Huke, an SMG player that was on the Dallas Empire Franchise roster last year for the Champs came out and spoke out about his usage of Adderall.

As a long-term fan of Esports, as someone that begged for years for something as organized, and as-built out as the franchise system that the current Call of Duty League is. I watched the insanity that pros went through with…

JavaScript LifeStyles Podcast

It Finally Happened! I finally dropped the podcast that I have been talking about for almost a year at this point! Take a listen, connect with our communities below, and enjoy!

Podcast Page:
Spotify Link:

Contact information:

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Alright, let’s raise the hype factor a bit. In this part, we are going to touch on the front-end programming language, JavaScript. This is a critical component for JavaScript full-stack development, and for those who plan on focusing on the front end.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. JavaScript can be a bit of a pain when you first learn it because it can become a convoluted mess.
  2. It tends to be the basis of what companies use, but with the invention of TypeScript, there are some companies that will be moving away from pure, vanilla JavaScript…


Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

I had planned to dive into this much earlier than this, but sadly I have not had the time to do so. As we take Memorial Day I thought that taking a moment to start this series might be worthwhile.

As a disclaimer: The writing quality of these is not going to be as crisp as my normal writing because I want to move through these rapidly. I want the information to be conveyed while also not spending hours reinventing the wheel. There are THOUSANDS of guides on this information, and so I am providing the base…

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

I will start off by saying that I have spent close to 100 hours on this specific topic, trying to decide the best route to build out a moderately simplistic LMS. My former employer used a WordPress Site combined with a moderately complex LMS called LifterLMS ( and finally was slotted in to work with WooCommerce.

The development of that site took roughly 3 months to build, and about 2 months of planning, and exploration to try and find the best fit. For my project, I decided that I wanted to address the same kind of issues as my former…

Kyle Willard

Full Stack Web Development Student — Lambda School

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