Engineer Profile — Jesse Medrano

As you progress through life you find people that make an impact in one way or another. Their skills and abilities are sometimes overlooked. To that end, I wanted to put together a profile of one of the people that has made a substantial impact throughout my journey as a software engineering student.

When I started my journey I was half terrified and half excited, and very quickly I knew I needed to build a support system or I would not get to the end of my journey, and into a job. This is always the case and one of the cornerstones of my support system is this guy!

Jesse has been an awesome person to have around, from his ability to see problems from a number of different directions, his ability to adapt and learn at a very rapid pace, and his ability to translate what he has learned into teaching it to others.

He has taken on huge projects that others would have shied away from because they were such a huge undertaking. His amazon clone ( was beyond solid and had a TON of moving parts. Inside of Lambda School during one of the build weeks, he took the time to take care of missing Redux portions of the project while the rest of his cohort (me included) simply took care of React.

In the same amount of time that the rest of us have been learning just the basics of react & redux he took on Typescript, Node, and GraphQL and has already moved from learning into applying what he's learned into projects.

More than his technical skills for me is his philosophy. Always be learning, always be teaching. During the last unit (Redux/Context API) I struggled. I had put in a TON of time with React to ensure that my skills were solid there, and made the mistake of not investing time in the curriculum that was in the next unit. Jesse took time to go through Redux with me walking me through a project and helping me get a solid understanding.

In closing, I want to make sure to give this man a HUGE shout out, and I look forward to continuing to build a friendship well into the future. I cannot wait to see his projects in the future!

To get in touch with Jesse make sure you jump over to his site:
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Full Stack Web Development Student — Lambda School